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Continuous headwind. - pioneering the transition from fossil fuels and atomic energy to the renewable energies.
Writer: Joern Uz Ruby.
Forlaget Hovedland.
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Preben Maegaard

Preben Maegaard, born 1935 in Denmark, he was from 1997 to 2002 a Member of the Danish National Committee, Hydrogen for Trans- portation Purposes and 1997 - 2002 also Member of the National Committee, Wave Power, Denmark. Since 2001 Preben Maegaard is Associated Member of the Chairmen Committee of the World Council for Renewable Energy and since 2001 the President of the World Wind Energy Association, WWEA. In 1999 - 2002 he was Renewable Energy Adviser to the President of Mali Alpha Konare. Since 1999 he is a Board member of EREF, European Renewable Energy Federation. Since 1992 he is co-ordinator of the European Solar Prize in Denmark and Member of the European Solar Prize jury. Since 1991 he is Vicepresident of EUROSOLAR, the European Renewable Energy Association. Since 1983 he is Director of the Folkecenter for Renewable Energy.

Preben Maegaard has been organizer of and speaker at numerous national and international seminars, workshops and conferences within renewable energy and sustainable development. He is author or co-author of numerous reports, books and articles in Danish, English, German and Japanese within renewable energy.


The first hydrogen filling station in Denmark

The first hydrogen filling station in Denmark - more info >>>
Interview with Preben Maegaard on danish national television DR TV - see the interview here >>>

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