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Preben Maegaard

Preben Maegaard, born 1935, is a Danish renewable energy pioneer, author and expert. Since the oil crisis in 1974 he has worked locally, nationally and internationally at the organisational, political and technological level for the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

From 1979 to 1984 Preben Maegaard was chairman of the Danish Renewable Energy Association, OVE, www.orgve.dk and since 1991 vice-president of EUROSOLAR, the European Renewable Energy Association www.eurosolar.org and in 2006 appointed senior vice-president. Since 1994 he is member of the jury of The European Solar Prize. When the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), was founded in 2001 he became its first president www.wwindea.org, a position he held till 2005. In2001 he became a chairperson of the Committee of the World Council for Renewable Energy, (WCRE) www.wcre.org. Since 1999 he has been a board member of the European Renewable Energies Federation (EREF) www.eref-europe.org, and since 2003, of the European Federation of Ecosites www.ecosites.net. In May 2006 the World Wind Energy Institute, WWEI, was initiated in Kingston, Canada, involving seven institutes from China, Brazil, Cuba, Canada, Russia, Egypt and Denmark. Preben Maegaard was appointed the first president of the WWEI, see www.wwei.info or www.wwei.nu

Since 1984 he has been director of the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, www.folkecenter.net and www.folkecenter.dk In this capacity he has been responsible for the technological innovation of windmills, including design, construction and implementation of sizes from 20 to 525 kW, farm biogas digesters from 50 to 1.000 m3 as well as integrated energy systems including hydrogen and biofuels for transport. The technological development and implementation activities took place in cooperation with DS Trade and Industry www.ds-net.dk The Folkecenter has under his leadership provided transfer of renewable energy technology to many countries, and set up numerous pilot projects worldwide. For references see www.folkecenter.net/Tech-transfer. As part of these activities dozens of dedicated trainees from all continents have been involved and obtained valuable hand-on experiences that paved the way for dedicated and leading positions in their professional career.

Preben Maegaard has served on several Danish national governmental committees and councils for the development and implementation of renewable energy including; as member of:

• Renewable Energy Steering Group (1981-1991), the National Board of Technology;
• National Renewable Energy Council in Denmark (1991-1996),
• National Committee Biomass for Energy (1985-1989),
• National Committee for Solar Energy (1995-2002),
• National Committee for Wave Power (1997-2002)
• National Committee for Hydrogen from Renewable for Transport Purposes (1998-2002)

In 2002 a new liberal government suspended the national renewable energy development and implementation activities and programs in which Preben Maegaard had positions. Danish State support that the Folkecenter had received since 1983 was suspended as well.

In 1996 and the following years he became a member of the board of EUROSUN, an intergroup set up by the European Parliament. In 1999 he was Renewable Energy Adviser to the President of Mali, Alpha Konare, leading to the establishment of the Mali Folkecenter, www.malifolkecenter.org. In 1995 he became Member of Senate, UTER, Technical University, Havana. Since 1992 he has been co-ordinator of the European Solar Prize in Denmark and member of the European Solar Prize Jury.

For over three decades, Preben Maegaard has been a conference director, organizer, speaker and/or participant of numerous national and international seminars, workshops and conferences, chairman of the World Wind Energy Conferences, WWEC2003 in Cape Town, WWEC2004 in Beijing and WWEC2005 in Melbourne, see www.wwindea.org and www.wwec2005.com as well as author and/or co-author of numerous reports, books, articles and periodicals in Danish, English, German and Japanese within the field of renewable energy and sustainable development and has received a number of awards. For further details, see web sites and publications.

Project management

Organisation: Dansk Smedemesterforening (DS Trade & Industry)

1976 - 1982: Cooperation about development of construction manuals. 11, 22, 55 kW wind turbines for the Danish market. Marketing strategies. Association of 2000 members, 20 companies directly involved. Coordination, testing and approval.

1980 - 1982: Coordination of project group design engineering and product implementation. 100kW wind turbine (Rudbjerg). Supported by Danish Agency of Industry.

1981 - 1985: Farm biogas, 50, 100, 200 cubic meter. Cooperation about development of construction manuals. Marketing strategies. 4 companies directly involved. Coordination, testing and approval. Supported by Danish Agency of Industry

Organisation: Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

1984 - 1992: Development of construction manual. Wind turbine, 150, 200, 275 and 525kW. Corporation development of manufacturing incl. sub contractors.

1987 - 1988: Large scale solar collector for direct heating. Supported by Danish Agency of Industry.

1987 - 1989: Local island production and usage. Prototype development. Wind turbine project Bornholm, Denmark, 9 x 99kW. Local production within the Baltic Power organization.

1990 - 1992: Organization of local production of wind power in Poland. Local production organization, building and testing. 95kW. Supported by Danish Agency of Industry

1992: Solar technology, Hungary. Tech transfer. Partly local production. Training of local staff.

1992 - 1993: University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil. Transfer and installation of FC type 75kW wind turbine for island wind-diesel operation. Supported by Danish Agency of Industry

1991 - 1994: Tech transfer of Hydrogen electrolyze system from Ukraine to Denmark.

1996 - 1997: 600kW windturbine project in Kaliningrad. Supported by Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

1998: Home power, Transylvania, Rumania, 3kW wind turbine and solar cell system. Remote area, stand alone system. Supported by European Commission.

1997- 1999: 10kW wind turbine tech to Bayamo, Cuba, Technical University in Havana. Tech-trans, erection and testing. Local production.

1998: biogas plant, Kaunas, Lithuania, Development, production, installation and commissioning using local producers. Supported by Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

2001: Biogas plant, Yubetsu, Japan, Development, production in Denmark. Installation and commissioning using local assistance. Coordination for Kawasaki Engineering.

1998 - 2002: Advisor to the President of Mali, Alpha Konaré. Implementation of village electrification in the Sikasso region. Building and operation of RE training center in Tabaccoro, Mali. Supported by Danida

1990 - 1995: Information and marketing of RE and tech transfer of Danish know how.

Mobile exhibition campaigns and information to eight East European countries.

Committee member in Danish board technology.

1988 - 1995: Concept development, technology research, project development, coordination and advising of Danish local cogeneration scheme. The target group was local consumer owned district heating associations. Appx. 200 installations with a grand total of 2.700 MW by 1995.

Recent Publications

E Thybo Andersen, Finn; Maegaard, Preben: (2006) Byvandringer 1968 ¤ Bykulturen ved vejs ende, YNKB TEMA 12; København, ISBN 1602-2815

Il Bassam, N.; Maegaard, P. (2004) Integrated Renewable Energy for Rural Communities, ELSEVIER; Amsterdam and London. (see presentation below)

Maegaard, P. (2004) Die Kraft der Sonne in den Dienst der Menschheit stellen. In Hermann Scheer. Praktische Visionen, Ponte Press; Bochum

Maegaard, P. (2004) Laudatio for Dr. Hermann Scheer, The WORLD WIND ENERGY AWARD, WWEC2004; Beijing

Maegaard, P. (2003) Wind Energy for the Future, Keynote paper prepared for the 13th Islamic Academy of Science, IAS, Conference; Kuching, Malaysia

Maegaard, P.; Kruse, J. (2001) Energien fra Thy. Fra de lokale til det globale, Nordvestjysk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi; Hurup Thy

Beuse, E.; Boldt, J.; Maegaard, P.; Meyer, N.I.; Windeleff, J.; Ostergaard, I. (2000) Vedvarende energi i Danmark. En krønike om 25 opvækstår 1975 – 2000, OVE’s Forlag; Aarhus


1978, Solar Prize, Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy, OVE www.orgve.dk

1985, Plum Environmental Prize, Plum Fonden

1987, Environmental Prize, Association of Danish Engineers www.ida.dk

1992, Wind Energy Prize, Denmark’s Wind Mill Owners Association www.dkvind.dk

1997, European Solar Prize, EUROSOLAR

2002, The GAIA Prize, Gaia Trust

2002, MERKUR Pioneer Prize, MERKUR cooperative Bank, www.merkurbank.dk

2005, Nuclear-Free Future Solutions Award,

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