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"Vedvarende modvind. Portræt af omstillingens pioner Preben Maegaard."
Ny bog udkommet om Preben Maegaard.
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Indvielse af Danmarks første brint tankstation.

Indvielse af Danmarks første brint tankstation. Læs mere >>>
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Event with Preben Maegaard - Key Speaker

Solar Energy Asia 2007 will bring together technology experts, policy regulators, solar energy users, financers and investors from Germany, US, Korea, Japan, Australia, India, China and the rest of Asia to assess the opportunity in adopting solar energy on a large commercial scale and the challenges involved. It will be the first international event of its kind in South East Asia and one of the few shows on this topic that is designed with solar energy users in mind.

The director at the Folkecenter, Preben Maegaard, has been invited to be chairman at the conference.
Read more >>> www.terrapinn.com/2007/solar/
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Event with Preben Maegaard

World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (WWEC) is an annual event organized by the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) in different countries around the world with the objective of promoting and developing the use of wind energy as a primary source of power generation.

In this sixth edition, the Conference is jointly organized by the Argentinean Wind Energy Association (Asociación Argentina de Energía Eólica, AAEE) as a Member of the Executive Committee of the WWEA. The conference premise will be “Energy, Society and the Environment”.
more info >>> www.wwec2007.org.ar

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